Bathroom from Hell

On January 6, 2017 by LivingInNavarre


Oh Crap! Over my holiday break I planned to do a simple remodel job on my bathroom. Some things are better left untouched. After pulling the vanity and porcelain throne I pulled off the fake tile. The stuff was glue on with black mastic from the 60’s. No way to scrape this off without destroying the sheetrock. Same issue with what was under the wallpaper. OK, so I bought some rock and decided just to start new. Then I found issues with the tile in the tub not to mention I was never real happy with how the old tube had a list to one side.


This is what a 70 year old bathroom looks like under the skin. Undimensioned lumber, cast iron pipes and a 400 lb. cast iron tube that never drained well.


How do remove a cast iron tub that the wall were built around. It’s criminal I had to do this but the porcelain on the tub was pretty shot and unless I wanted to remove the wall studs and talk 3 people into helping try to tote it out…cutting it into two pieces was the only option.
BTW…it takes about 30 minutes with a die grinder to split a tub.


Bonus pic. How many of you know why medicine cabinets have a little slot in the back?


By the end of a long weekend I have the bathroom stripped down. Now to start repair and replacing anything not up to spec before the remodeling can commence.

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