Bathroom from Hell – Part 2

On January 6, 2017 by LivingInNavarre


Now I know why the tube drained slowly. The neck of the cast iron drain was rusted off and the u-bend is so plugged 3 days of Drano and much snake did not free anything up. I have a few option and none of them really excite me. I figure before I cut up the slab and make a new connection to the toilet drain I’d try to remove the broken and rusted extension.

A lot of drilling in the lead/oakum seal I was able to start wiggling the pipe (with the help of a crowbar inserted into the pipe). Drill, wiggle, drill, wiggle…I’m getting close to getting the pipe out but now the u-bend is loose. Wow, that’s even better since the plug is probably in it. Lot’s of wiggling and twisting and I’m slowly getting the u-bend worked out.


The u-bend didn’t come free but the run under the slab to the toilet connection broke. Lot’s of digging I had it free but it was to big to come out from the hole in the slab. Hammer, chisel and lots of swearing and I was able to break the extension off and get the pieces out.


Victory is mine! The u-bend, extension and under the slab run are out. The nice part is a 1.5″ PVC pipe is a snug fit on the inside of the cast iron pipe. Had to lay on my side, dig out all the dirt around the pipe end under the slab but I got to it.


There it is. This is where I’ll be making a new PVC connection. It’s right at a joint so it can’t break any further. You can see the joint with the lead seal around the black void. The PVC will make a snug pit into the pipe up to a just a bit past the pipe joint edge.

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