Leftover Speaker Cabinets

On October 10, 2016 by LivingInNavarre


Roughing out the cabinet. I decided to use up some leftover OSB for the panels and the trim boards are leftover boards from a fence. I cut them down and milled them to a consistent thickness.


All the parts are glued up and given a sanding to clean up the major flaws. I want them to look old from day one so only minor flaws are left in.


Base coat color is on. This is the same leftover paint from the sink project. Still have a lot so I see a lot of projects getting deep blue base color.


Finally getting close. I finished up the white paint hand rubbing and have the speakers installed. I built the front faceplates and have them ready.


More leftovers! Still had some burlap leftover from making some dyed curtains for the office. I thought natural burlap would compliment my ‘old’ speakers nicely.


One of the speaker sitting in the corner. The grills are a snug fit and just held in by friction. Sound quality is pretty decent but does lack the bass I would like. But that’s an issue with the receiver only putting out a decent bass channel on a powered sub channel and little bass to the primary speakers. Guess I will have to build a matching sub box.

All up I think I have $50 in this project and that was the speakers. Everything else was leftover stuff.

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