LED Lamp

On October 30, 2016 by LivingInNavarre


A touch sensitive LED lamp with iridescent glass blobs for diffusing.

I’m always asked about my builds so I’ve included some pics from the process.


The rough block the lamp is made from. It’s just some bits of 3/4″ ply I had.


The block has been turned and starting my parting cut.


Starting to work on the base. The glass cylinder is an old wine bottle with the top and bottom cut off. I’ll turn the recess on the base and cap to fit the diameter of the wine bottle.


Base is turned and finishing up the cap. There is a bit of extra space in both the cap and base so the LEDs that will be mounted on the center post have a bit of extra clearance from the wood ends.


Base, base foot and cap all turned, sanded, stained and now clear coated. The center post where the LED strips will be mounted is now installed.


I used copper foil for stained glass work to create the touch switches. After flowing solder on these I did one last coat of clear coat.


And back to the beginning. The cat adimres my work but is wondering why the fire isn’t giving out any heat. Just wait until I build a big LED matrix so I can run the fire sequence in my wood stove all year long.

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